This is
The History
Of Sexuality

A freely-available, peer-reviewed, and open-source resource
by sex educators, historians, and librarians active in sexuality fields.

1: Bibliography

The bibliography is the focus and largest section of HistSex, and contains a bibliography of books tagged and searchable by research interest, reading level, topic, and more.

2: Research Collections

One of the problems facing anyone interested in the history of sexuality is the fact that it is difficult to find relevant research collections and information. This resource seeks to answer that need by documenting research collections from around the world in an easy-to-use and visual style.

3: Digital Projects

Not so interested or able to leave the house? This resource provides a collection of digital projects relevant to the history of sexuality.

4: Timeline

This resource consists of a variety of different timelines on the history of sexuality for anyone interested in exploring large expanses of history in a fluid and responsive way.