January 1, 2020


An introduction to HistSex.


HistSex.org is the home of an interdisciplinary, interinstitutional, and international resource for information on the history of sexuality. HistSex, a common abbreviation for ‘History of Sexuality,’ was founded by Brian M. Watson in 2020. 50 Years On, Many Years Past: Nonfictions of Sexuality is the first resource published for the public. It was funded by a generous Carnegie-Whitney Grant from the American Library Association.

50 Years On, Many Years Past

The project’s name is a reference to the fact that 2019 marked the semicentennial or ‘50 Years On’ after the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village, New York City. Although these ‘riots’ are often cited as the beginning of the struggle for gay equality in the United States, the over-attention paid to a single event overshadows the fact that LGBTQ+ history is, in fact, ‘Many Years Past.’

50 Years On, Many Years Past is a freely-available, peer-reviewed, and open-source resource by sex educators, historians, and librarians active in sexuality fields, and it aims to fill a often-overlooked need for the historical representation of LGBTQ+ identity. When complete, the guide will be ranked for audience reading level, sortable by topic, time, and place, and presented online in an open and easily-searchable format. Resources will include:

  1. A searchable, annotated directory of archives of use to historians, students, and researchers interested in LGBTQIA+ research.
  2. A descriptive catalog of relevant digital projects connected to sexuality and sexual representation.
  3. A bibliography of books tagged and searchable by research interest, reading level, topic, and more.
  4. A timeline of major events in the history of sexuality to help ground and pique public interest.

Questions? Comments? Want to get involved?

Write to the team at sexualitiesofhistory AT gmail DOT com