LGBTQ Religious Archives Network (LGBTQ-RAN)



Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Religious Archives Network (LGBTQ-RAN)


LGBTQ-RAN can best be understood as a "virtual" archive. It is not a physical repository that collects and preserves papers and records. Instead, LGBTQ-RAN is a resource center that enables the preservation of history and makes historical information easily accessible through this web site. It has two basic purposes: it assists LGBTQ religious leaders and groups in determining how best to preserve their records and papers in appropriate repositories; and it provides an electronic information clearinghouse for these archival collections and other historical data about LGBTQ religious history for the use of historians, researchers and other interested persons. Its Collections Catalog identifies more than 330 primary source collections from or about LGBTQ+ religious organizations or activists. Most, but not all, collections listed in this catalog are held in public archives and are open for research to everyone.

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