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In 1987, the Archives and Special Collections initiated, in collaboration with the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society (GLBHT HS) and University of California, Berkeley, the AIDS History Project. The purpose of this initiative was to actively collect and organize papers and records of healthcare practitioners, activists, organizations, and agencies, and to promote the preservation of historically significant resources related to the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco. The AIDS History Project holds the papers of some of the UCSF faculty members who were pioneers in AIDS research, patient care, and public health policy. Other major holdings include the records of Ward 84/86 at SFGH—the outpatient AIDS Clinic that formed the nucleus of what became the “San Francisco model” of AIDS care—and early records of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Other collections, such as the Bobbi Campbell Diary, are frank descriptions of the life and activities of PWAs (People with AIDS). Materials comprising the AIDS History Project are diverse, ranging from handwritten correspondence and notebooks to typed and printed correspondence and agency records to ephemera, printed magazines, and books. Also notable are AIDS epidemic related materials that were reunited through a 2017 NEH Grant.

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