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The AHC's LGBTQIA+ collecting initiative is rooted in the landscape of the Rocky Mountain West, and underscores and illuminates the history and culture of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans* (LGBT) communities in the greater narrative of American Western History.
Initiated by gay author and Montana native Gregory Hinton, this collecting area focuses on collecting the narratives of those individuals who were a part of, or remain behind in communities throughout the West. The American Heritage Center hopes to more fully reflect the complete range of lived experiences of those who have been oppressed or suppressed because of the perceptions and realities of the West as an inhospitable place for LGBT identified peoples.
Prominent collections include: the Gregory Hinton Papers, the S.J. Moffat Papers, the Beverly Seckinger Materials for “Laramie Inside Out,” the Matthew Shepard Collection, the Matthew Shepard Web Archive, the Rulon F. Stacey’s Matthew Shepard Memorabilia collection, Spectrum Records, the UW Department of Gender and Women’s Studies Records, and Wyoming Equality Newsletters.

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